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Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units.
Our Hydraulic power units are easy-to-assemble, compact, electro-hydraulic unit.They offer many combinations of hydraulic circuits to suit various requirements of plant design. You can Chose Gear pumps with Group 05 / 1 , from 0.18 to 8.8 cc. DC motors, 12/24 V, heavy-duty service, from 0.5 to 4Kw, Tank capacities up to 35 liters and more other components to finish your customize power units.

Project Specification

Our DC mini hydraulic power units are assembled with DC motors, aluminum central manifolds, hydraulic valves, and hydraulic gear pumps.Our DC motor power ranges from 0.35KW to 4.5KW. The hydraulic system flow ranges from 1.1LPM to 25LPM, and pressure up to 250bars. The hydraulic reservoir tanks range from 3L to 35L.

  • DC Power Unit.
  • AC Power Unit.
  • Hydraulic Pump Motor.
  • Industrial Hydraulic Power Unit.
  • Bi Rotational Power Unit.
Project Detail
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